Are you looking for a reliable At Home Veterinary Care in ? Dr. Brown Come’s Around mobile home pet care service is a dedicated and comprehensive At Home Veterinary Care service that not only offers extensive pet checkups but also is equipped to handle any kind of Pet Emergency.

At Healing Hands Mobile Veterinary Service we understand that traveling to a pet clinic is stressful not only for your pets but for you, especially when your pet is scared of car rides or has a medical emergency.

Our specially fitted state-of-the-art mobile at home veterinary care clinic allows us to provide your loving pet with a full range of veterinary care at your doorstep. We fit our appointments as per your schedule and pride ourselves on being able to provide your pet with a personalized and non-hurried medical attention.

A Comprehensive At Home Veterinary Care!

Dr. Brown Come’s Around at home veterinary care service in includes:

Allergy Testing and Treatment
Annual examination
New pet examination
Comprehensive Diagnostics
Heartworm Testing and Prevention
Management of chronic medical conditions
Non-Critical Emergency Care
Multiple pets examination and treatment in one visit
Hospice Care
Skin & Ear Problems
Dental Care
Wound Care
Prescription medications
Quality of Life Assessments
Compassionate Euthanasia
Elderly Pet Care
Home delivery of Pet Foods and Medications

Why Choose Us for At Home Veterinary Care ?

Dr. Brown, the owner of Healing Hands Mobile Veterinary Service has been a veterinary practitioner for 18 years and continues to enjoy the profession. He has an extensive experience in the emergency veterinary care and currently does provide some urgent care and after-hours care. Dr. Brown Come’s Around mobile At Home Veterinary Care service has a joint passion and mission to alleviate illness, pain, suffering, anxiety, and infirmity where the need arises.

Healing Hands Mobile Veterinary Service understands that each pet is unique and has different needs. Our at-home veterinary care service offers a personalized, cooperative style of patient care. Through our At Home Veterinary Care service, we collaborate with pet owners to provide the pet a comprehensive and compassionate care during each phase of their life.

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