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House call veterinarians offer many conveniences that a traditional animal hospital or clinic cannot. Most pet parents would agree that their pets do not like going to the veterinarian. In cases like the end of your pet’s life, pet owners prefer to have the vet come to your home.

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AtHealing Hands Mobile Veterinary Service, we understand your needs and provide a state-of-the-art custom built and fully equipped veterinary clinic at your doorsteps. We offer stress-free, experienced and flexible at House Call Veterinarians service for you and your beloved pets from birth to end of life.

Healing Hand Mobile Veterinary Clinic offers an array pet health procedure like:

    • Elderly Pet Care.
    • Skin & Ear Problems.
    • Comprehensive Diagnostics.
    • Quality of Life Assessments.
    • Vaccinations.
    • Dental Care.
    • Annual examination.
    • Hospice Care .
    • Euthanasia
    • Allergy Testing and Treatment .
    • Surgery.
    • Multiple pets examination and treatment in one visit.
    • Heartworm Testing and Prevention.
    • New pet examination.
    • Management of chronic medical conditions.
    • Bloodwork.
    • Compassionate Euthanasia
    • Grooming
    • Noncritical Emergency Care
    • Daycare/Boarding
    • Home delivery of Pet Foods and Medications
    • Wound Care
    • Prescription medications

Benefits of House call veterinarians

    • One of the main benefits of House call veterinarians practice is eradicating the fear and ordeal that many petsgo through when taken from their home to a veterinarian.
    • Under traumatic conditions, many animals release pheromones (chemical scent signals) that remain in the air at the animal hospital and may cause fear reactions in animals that detect them.
    • Sick or Injured Pet Visits.
    • Getting your pet examined in its own environment makes the pet feel more secure and less aggressive..
    • It reducestherisk of being exposed to diseases that may be present in a hospital waiting room or on another pet.
    • Good for pets who are scared of rides or are injured.
    • Save time spent on preparing the pet for a visit to a veterinarian.
    • Good for Multiple Pet owners the House call veterinarians can take care of all pets in one visit thus cutting down on both time and hassle.
    • You get longer visits and more personalized care because the house call veterinarian is with you the whole time.

Here Is How Our House Call Veterinarians Service Works:


When you call 404 867-4081 for House Call Veterinarians Service Dr. Brown will answer your call and you can speak with him directly. If Dr. Brown is with a patient, then you will be able to leave him a voice message (please make sure that you speak your phone number loud and clear). Upon receiving your voice message Dr. Brown will call you back at his first available moment.

Dr. Brown will do his best to schedule your House Call at your convenience during regular business hours. Dr. Brown first veterinary House Call is often scheduled for 7:30am. After hours, house call veterinarian service are also available for established pet owners and for all in the case of an emergency only.

Dr. Brown mostly arrives on time for the scheduled house call. Sometimes traffic or extended time spent with previous pet owners makes it difficult to predict arrival time. Your flexibility allows Dr. Brown to provide quality health care for all of his patients.

In between thehouse calls, Dr. Brown is always available over the phone to talk about your concerns related to your pet heath. Based on his 10 years of Veterinary experience, Dr. Brown’s clients are comfortable in discussing awide range of pet health related problems.

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Our Mobile Veterinary Services

Why Use Mobile Vet Care


Our Mobile Veterinary Services

Why Use Mobile Vet Care


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