All creatures on Earth must take the next step into the spiritual realm at some point. This includes our human family and friends & our family pets. It can be a very hard making the decision to let our pets go, but ultimately, putting our pets to rest in the comfort of their home can help your pet’s transition be a very peaceful one.

Healing Hands Mobile Veterinary Service provides in home pet euthanasia services throughout the Atlanta metropolitan area. We will be sure to give your family and your pet the compassion and care needed to get you through the process.

Healing Hands Mobile Veterinary Services will provide our home pet euthanasia services in a special place of your home. This can be your pets favorite room or part of the yard.

In addition to providing your pets in home euthanasia, Healing Hands will remove your pets body from the home and transport it to the local pet cremation provider of your choice or Healing Hands can recommend one of our preferred service providers.

If you have any questions about our services, please contact us today at (404) 867-4081.