How does healing hand mobile vet service work for you?

A Veterinary Housecall offers many conveniences that traditional animal hospitals cannot.

  • Healing Hands is for the cat that fears the car ride, and is horrified by the whole vet clinic experience.
  • Does your cat hide when the carrier comes out?
  • Does your cat meow for the entire car ride?
  • Does your cat become vicious and dangerous in the examination room?

If the answer to these questions is yes, then mobile vet care is ideal for your pet.

  • Does your dog become erratic on car rides to the vet office?
  • Does your dog halt in the vet parking lot or refuse to enter the door of the vets office?
  • Does your dog become unusually aggressive in the exam room?

If the answer to these questions is yes, then mobile vet care is ideal for your pet.

  • Do you enjoy taking your pet, or pets, or pets and children to wait in a vets office? If your answer is no, then a mobile veterinary service is for YOU.

A housecall also offers greater freedom in scheduling appointments:

  • We will work around your schedule.

No fighting traffic:

  • A housecall may make more sense for many owners. Since you won’t have to gather up your pets, drive to the clinic, wait to see the veterinarian and drive back home, there is less time wasted for you.

No sitting in a waiting room:

  • Instead of spending time in a waiting room, pet owners can continue to enjoy uninterrupted the comfort of their own home right up to the moment Dr Brown arrives for their scheduled appointment; Having us come to your home minimizes the stress and trauma that pets often feel when they must be transported to a strange place.

Who Uses a Mobile Veterinary Clinic?

Anybody! This service is particularly convenient for:

  • The senior that has challenges getting their loved pet to medical care due to tarnsportation or physical limitations.
  • The service is for the busy mom juggling young children and pets and other appointment schedules.
  • The service is for the busy professional with precious time constraints whom can value the convenience and time saved with quality home service.

Community Outreach Program

Healing Hand Mobile is geared to offer it’s services to small communities. This provides an opportunity to offer some exclusive services to your neighborhood. HHMV will set up in your neighborhood for a few hrs a couple of days every month.
This service works for retirement communities, town-home and condominiums, gated communities and residential areas with management services.
This is a valuable amenity for a pet loving-residents without additional costs to the agency. Church and civic organizations should invite HHMV to there activity for a family- friendly economical pet health clinic.

Can I set Up the Healing Hands Mobile Vet Clinic to Come to Our Community?

Yes, If you are interested in having the Healing Hands Mobile Vet Clinic come to your community, apartment building, church, civic organization, or corporation please Email Us or call (404) 867-4081.